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First electric Scooter tour in Bangkok
Go Scoot Bangkok

Have you seen the Hype?

E-Scooter tours are now the hippest thing to do on the planet according to Tripadvisor!

Ranked #1 on outdoor activities world wide the e-scooter tours are gaining recognition and even taking over the thrill of bicycle tours. Barcelona, Athens, San Francisco, Lisbon, Sidney you name it.

You may remember in the younger years pushing forward a step/ scooter with your feet right? I certainly do! Now with new technology the game is up. Adult sized with all features for top safety in mind such as ABS, Dual braking, Anti Slip etc etc. Batteries last as long ar 40 km or 5 hours of continuous riding. Plenty of juice to see the City of Bangkok in Style!

Places out of reach by bike are now in sight. Why? Because they are foldable so allowed to join in on Bangkok’s public Transport. This means we can now also explore the Green Lungs of Bangkok, Koh Kret (pottery island) or even to a train to Ayutthaya for the day. All in all the experience has expanded from just Bangkok to the outskirts and beyond.

How is it to ride? Well that is a good question. That’s exactly what I asked myself before jumped on. It took 2 minutes to get used to and the rest was history. The wheels are big enough for a comfortable ride along the back streets and the smaller bumps are easily absorbed.

So what is stopping you? Jump on and see Bangkok the “scoot” way!

For more information please go to or click HERE for more information. Enter #scootbangkok in the comment box when booking for a 10% discount.

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