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Venture out into the streets of Bangkok on Bangkok’s FIRST electric Scooter Tour. A fantastic way to explore the amazing sights Bangkok has hidden from streets view for most tourists. Our ALL new Xiaomi e-Scooters are ready to go! Explore Bangkok the ‘Scoot’ way.

What we will do

Venture out into the streets of Bangkok on Bangkok’s first  Electric Scooter. A fantastic way to explore the amazing sights, sounds and smells that the ancient city of Bangkok has to offer. Travelling on a e-scooter gives you the opportunity to explore and witness firsthand the people and culture that create the atmosphere of the wonderful city by the push of a button. With Go Scoot Bangkok you’ll explore historic temples, vibrant and aromatic markets, intricate wildlife and amazing jungles. You’ll capture so much that will simply be missed travelling by taxi, tuk-tuk or the skytrain!

All our adventures at Go Scoot Bangkok have been crafted with the concept of taking you well off the beaten tourist track and to experience Bangkok as very few have experienced it before. With safety as a top priority all our routes have been planned to perfection, giving you amazing adventures safe in the knowledge that our guides will be there to help at every step. Despite varying levels of difficulty, all tours are suitable to people of all ages but require certain Height and weight.

After your tour, our well-equipped Go Scoot Bangkok HQ is the perfect place to relax, unwind and discuss the day’s adventures with your fellow explorers and free soft drinks – or even purchase a beer for those that wish.

Planning a trip to Bangkok and looking for something new, exciting and unusual? Look no further, book a Bangkok e-scooter tour with us now!

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